The Natural Path to Wellness - A Natural Wellness Clinic in an Urban Environment
The Natural Path to Wellness is dedicated to offering the highest quality nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, vitamins, and medical foods. 
  • Advanced Naturals
  • Biotics
  • Guna Biotherapeutics
  • GY&N Nutriment
  • Heel
  • Metagenics
  • NeuroScience
  • Orthomolecular Products
  • Research Nutrition
  • Smart Nutrition
  • Weldea
  • Zorex
Our supplements are available in our office or can be drop shipped.
We also offer a eDispensary.
Click below to order discounted products that will ship directly to your home through our eDispensary.

You will need to obtain the access code from our office.  Once you have the code, you can create a personal account on and order from our selection of supplements.
Click here to buy products.
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