The Natural Path to Wellness - A Natural Wellness Clinic in an Urban Environment
Natural Wellness and Integrative Clinic 

Specializing in Human Clinical Nutrition using naturally-derived approaches
Winterton Office Park
1040 E. 86th Street
Suite 48A
Indianapolis, IN 46240

  • In Nora - Office Park Next to Whole Foods 

  • Naturopathic  - Integrative Lifestyle 
  • Natural and Restorative Treatments
  • Family Wellness

  • Preventative and  Restorative Wellness

  • Naturally Integrated Treatment Plans for Chronic Conditions

  • Lifecare for Cancer, Lymes, CIRS, Mold (treated without antibiotics) and other similar conditions

Natural Physicians:

Yvonne Teverbaugh DSc, ND, PhD    
Doctor of Natural Medicine 
MS, Human Clinical Nutrition 
Licensed Esthetician 
Credentialed in Soma Therapies
Board Certified Family Medicine 
Credentialed in Functional Medicine

Ted Lai, MD                
Board Certified Family Medicine 
Board Certified Restorative Medicine
Credentialed in Functional Medicine

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